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About the Nose
Sex & Intimacy Coach & Dominatrix of Irreverent Love

My name is Ashley but many know me as Irreverent Femme. I have been drawn to fragrance as a comfort with a fascination for how it makes me feel, what it inspires in me and how I interact with others with it's influence. When I was younger, I wanted to be involved in the perfume marketing industry and now find myself sitting here writing this realizing I'm doing it for my own line.

As a Sexologist, I have a thriving practice as a Sex and Intimacy Coach and Pro Domme. I work with individuals and partners and guide them in their journey of self discovery. Through the journey of exploring the crevices of someone's mind with their emotional responses and yearnings in the interplay of their body and emotions, I help them drill down to the core needs and expressions of themselves that are the most powerful and true to them. This helps free them of shame and conditioning that stands in the way of being more congruent with themselves and how they live their lives. I find fragrance crafting to be an art of capturing a living description of these less spoken parts of us and wearing them to be a bid of expression and grounding ourselves in that experience.

In creating these scents, I usually start with an embodied feeling and particular smells I am drawn to that evoke an idea of a personal expression or capturing the experience of a setting in my mind I'm attracted to. I’d love for you to join me on my journey in scent expression crafting as I develop my nose and try new ideas for us all to enjoy and live our best lives.


With pleasure,

Irreverent Scents

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